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Halo TTR - Short Halo TTR - Short

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Again, another rip off

Funny how that looks like a shitty version of Halo FS, wonder how that happened.

TrueDarkness responds:

You really must have no friends, or your just plain lonely. So far you wrote nothing but bad reviews about my movies, possibly cause you have no life, no friends, no girl friend? Thats why you spend your time writing bad reviews for movies and games. And for what, when you see that everybody else likes the movies that I make (most of the movies that I make) You have to be the odd one out. Just like I said in the forums, theres always that one jackass... who will vote 0 because.. well I don't even know why, because your a jackass I guess.

Fake Realities Fake Realities

Rated 3 / 5 stars

ALl good, but one thing sucked

The part by True_Darkness almost made me throw up it was so stupid.

Dreams Can Come True v2 Dreams Can Come True v2

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Yey! This is the same trash I just saw.

Re-mastered garbage, is still garbage.

TrueDarkness responds:

Ya, you would know... jackass

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Kill the Crazy Frog v2 Kill the Crazy Frog v2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

God I hate that frog

The only thing I hate more than that is stupid people that put him on their cell phone, mostly women.

Good work.

Naruto Dating Sim Naruto Dating Sim

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A good first try, with some good ideas

I'm quite split about this game. On the one hand, it has some welcome additions to the Sim Date genre. But on the other hand, these good ideas are sloppy packaged, and generally not thought out too well.

The First thing that sticks out in my mind, you play as a girl. I really don't see anything wrong with this, as the end result is the same thing. So you hit on guys, in the end these things are about sex, and it's “still” straight sex so whatever. But at the same time, 99% of NG visitors are guys, and not all share the same views I do, it was a bad choice to market the game to girls.

Second thing, Rock Lee scared the shit out of my, I mean I never seen this anime, and have no willingness to, but why you'd add such an ugly character to a game is beyond me.

Next, this chakra stuff. Says here it's “One of the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy.” what that has to with dating is unclear to me, but then again I might just have no idea. It's an good idea, rather than losing HP to “talk” or “date” and I liked how you could trade chakra for HP, but still, I personally don't understand it, and I doubt many other people viewing this game would either.

Forth, the music, some of the tracks were ok “the music on the street” and “the sparing music” I liked. The others were just awful. I don't know if they were from this anime, but I had no interest in listening to them, and I really wished you had a “music off” button in your stat menu or something. The second time I played it, I just turned the whole thing off, and threw on some Rammstien.

Fifth. The questions the guys ask you are too hard if you've never seen this show. You have no idea what any of them are talking about, and you can't even guess because you don't know anything about the characters.

Sixth, Other than the point above, the game is too easy, you only have to date once to get the “good” ending, money is also easy to get, and on day 15 I had 200HP, so it's not like I was losing time gaining stats or anything. Overall I managed to reach the end by day 28 on my first try.

Seventh and final large point. The H scene almost made me throw up it was so funny. Right there you killed off the last of your audience. If you play to make another one of these, really try to improve the quality of the ending scenes.

And then there's some little things. Like how the navigation is hard to use, and the back button is not only too hard to see, but very small. And how after doing an action it sends you back to the main menu.

But it's not all bad, just keep at it, and you made be able to make a great one soon.

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StickRPG *Complete* StickRPG *Complete*

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A Good Game With a Rocky Base

It's a pretty fun game, but way too easy. After you get the home pc getting 2,3,4 Million dollars takes only a few mintues.
The stock system is pretty flawed. Mainly because no matter what, even if a stock hits 1$/Share, sooner or later it'll hit ~7$+, giving you 7x the money.

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